Auburn Gold Country Rotary gave $16,000 to graduating high school seniors to help them continue their education at a college or vocational school.
   The Rotary club also acknowledged students who overcame hardships, and accomplished their goals through hard work and perseverance. “The Bootstrap award was named for Rotarian Alan Young who had a passion for helping young adults, and was himself a student who pulled himself up by his bootstraps. He dedicated much of his life to serving others,” said Rotary President Lynne Tinel.  Students who received awards were from Colfax High School, Foresthill High School, Chana High School, and Forest Lake Christian School.
Pictured from right to left: Sydnee Papera, Isaiah Cross, Christopher Fromhold, Michael O'Keefe, Scott Irons, Cameron Miller, Sarah Bianchi Blayne Costello, and Rotarian Pam Tichenor.