Speaker Date Topic
George Graziano Jul 26, 2018
What I Learned at Rotary International Convention

Posted by George G 7/2/18

Dr. Susan Landes Aug 02, 2018
Mental Health & Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dr. Landes is the Executive Director & Founder of the Auburn Davis Center for DBT.



Posted by George G 7/2 based on email exchanges w/Dr. Landes.

2018 RYLA Students Aug 09, 2018
What Was Our Experience at RYLA

Posted 7/5 by George G.  Just a placeholder for now as Glenn K continues to confirmations from the RYLA kids that this is a good date for them.

Dan Grumley Aug 16, 2018
SprayPrinter - amazing new technology w/Auburn connection

Posted by George based on call w/Dan 6/22




Jennifer Kirchhof, VP at BlackRock & iShares Aug 23, 2018
Market Outlook - The good, the bad, and the ugly

Posted by GG 6/21 based on email from speaker contact Glen Kenes




Kylee Bauer Aug 30, 2018
CA Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) in Ghana

Eric Hill email to George G 5/16/18.



Ariel Lovett, Deputy CEO Sep 06, 2018
Community Recovery Resources

Updated by GG 6/22 to change presenter and to move date from 7/19 to 9/6 based on 6/14 email form Renee Berg.

Posted by George G 6/7/18 based on discussion w/ speaker contact Donna Book.  

Renee Berg is the liason to Ariel:


530.273.9541 x225

Ralph Smith Sep 20, 2018
Burning Man 2018

Per Ralph at 7/18 Board meeting - Posted by George 7/19

Keith Nesbitt Sep 27, 2018
Auburn Chamber of Commerce

Introduction by Lindy :Young.

Jerry Picaman Oct 04, 2018
Oktoberfest Assembly
Tina Spencer-Mulhern Oct 25, 2018
District Governer Visit